Top Ten NFT Metaverse Games

Recently, the term “metaverse” has grown in recognition as more businesses see it as the technology of the future of commerce. Even though the term is increasingly being used to refer to “internet” and “online,” its definition can still be quite ambiguous. It’s important to grasp what the phrase “metaverse” means because it’s being dubbed the next “great thing.”

With game companies announcing and adopting metaverse concepts into their current game mechanics, metaverse gaming is the new gold rush in the tech industry. These can occur in conjunction with the integration of NFTs and blockchain into the games’ ecology, which can spark a surge in the popularity of virtual asset trading markets and play-to-earn (P2E) gameplay models based on cryptocurrencies.

Due to the phenomenal success of NFT games like Axie Infinity, the record-breaking success of Fortnite events, and the unmatched interest in sandbox games like The Sandbox or Minecraft, metaverse games attracted the attention of players, investors, and celebrities alike. For this reason, we’ve produced a list of the best metaverse games, including both the most well-liked titles and those that are just starting to gain traction.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the first game on our list of the top metaverse games you should play in 2022. Your lack of surprise may be due to Axie’s climb to the top of the play-to-earn gaming industry, which pays gamers in cryptocurrencies that they can subsequently exchange for actual cash. While the popularity of Axie Infinity has recently increased dramatically, the blockchain-based game’s origins date back to when technology company Sky Mavis originally introduced it in 2018. Since then, it has gained popularity across the globe for its engaging gameplay, which allows players to breed adorable virtual characters called “Axies” and employ them in amusing contests and conflicts in exchange for two in-game tokens: Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). By staking their tokens, players can also try their hand at passive income generation. This Pokemon-inspired game may be a mainstay of the metaverse gaming market, but according to its creators, Axie has big growth intentions. This could up the stakes even further.


Microsoft, the market leader in software for businesses, recognized the potential of the metaverse early on and purchased the game Minecraft in 2014 from Mojang, a Stockholm-based company. In a world reminiscent of Lego, players can “mine and craft” elements into equipment that they can use to create their own world and protect themselves from enemies. When he announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard in 2022—the studio behind Call of Duty, Diablo, and Overwatch—CEO Satya Nadella made clear that the business intended to maintain its lead in the metaverse.


A football NFT game called Sorare was created on the Ethereum network. On Sorare, more than 180 football clubs are already recognized, and new ones are joining the network every week. You can buy cards on Sorare and use them to create your fantasy teams. You can earn points as a cardholder based on how well the players on your cards perform in actual matches. The winning teams would receive the opportunity to create new cards each week as a prize. In addition, Sorare has revealed a $680 million Series B investment, making it one of the most financially lucrative metaverse games. Another indication of success is the creation of a game using Sorare NFTs by renowned game developer Ubisoft.

One of the easiest to play online metaverse games right now is Sorare. Just enter your email address and log in to create a Sorare account. Debit or credit cards, as well as bank transfers, could be used to buy Sorare NFT cards. Additionally, Sorare NFT cards are available for purchase in more than 40 different nations worldwide.


One of the top manufacturers of the graphics processors that drive gaming PCs, Nvidia, has a significant presence in the metaverse. The debut of OmniverseTM has been in the works for years. This simulation and collaboration platform can develop tools with real-world applications, like 3D avatars with virtual assistant capabilities, when its beta version is released in 2020. Omniverse will be made available to independent developers as an open-source platform, according to founder and CEO Jensen Huang.

Alien Worlds

You must mine Trilium (TLM), the in-game currency, from six planets in the galactic exploration game Alien Worlds, which was launched in 2020. To take part in Planet DAOs, primarily to vote for council candidates in weekly planetary elections, you can stake Trilium (TLM), the in-game money. The reward pool for miners on each planet is also increased via staking. You’ll be given a shovel to start. However, you should buy land or pay a landowner to start digging if you want more TLM and advanced mining equipment. By engaging in mining activities and engaging in combat with other adventurers, you may also play to gain tokens. While exploring the planets, cities can be constructed and managed. Alien Worlds stands out as an intriguing effort in creating a metaverse government with to features like creating and merging Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), engaging with other players in user forums, and choosing a playing strategy.

Epic Games

The multiplayer shooting game Fortnite was developed by Epic Games and published in 2017. It has developed into a location for online events where users may go dancing parties and virtual concerts. In order to create, publish, and manage games and other material, Epic Games continues to offer end-to-end solutions for both developers and non-creatives. Its developers can work on Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, PC, iOS, and Android as well as other brands and platforms.


The buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies and the metaverse can be attributed to one game in particular: CryptoKitties. Back in late 2017, when CryptoKitties became the first major NFT craze, something happened (so huge it broke the Ethereum blockchain). What’s not to enjoy about adorable virtual cats that you can breed, play with, and earn real money with at the same time? CryptoKitties has you covered in this regard. Let’s start with some ground rules: Breeding, trading, and task completion are the three basic game modes in this metaverse. The company behind other cryptocurrency hits like the NBA Top Shot, and Dapper Labs, from Canada, created this hugely well-liked blockchain game.


It is a 2014 release of a community-based metaverse game. Since its debut, it has appeared on a variety of platforms, such as Oculus Quest 2. Users design their 3D avatars and communicate with other players in this game. Players can explore an infinite number of user-generated worlds. VRChat is a free-to-use platform with avatars that allow full motion.

My Neighbor Alice

This NFT game is a cooperative builder where players can acquire virtual islands, gather and create fascinating goods, and make new friends. When developing new NFTs to sell to others or utilize as decorations for their virtual homes, players can employ their imaginations to the fullest. For those who remember Farmville, My Neighbor Alice may really resemble it in that you may choose which crops to plant and which animals to nurture. All NFTs produced can be traded in the market for the platform’s token, ALICE. The pleasure and interactivity of this particular NFT game draws players in as they explore the several islands, each of which has a distinct theme like Snowflake Island, Sandy Coast, Submerged Islands, or Medieval Plains. My Neighbor Alice is definitely up to the task. We’re sure you’ll want to play metaverse games that can provide a wide range of fascinating experiences.


Around 50 million user-made games are hosted by Roblox, which first made its game with the same name available on PC in 2006 before making it available on mobile and Xbox. Roblox is quite popular among children because of the adorable and vibrant design of the mini-games it provides. Popular examples include “Adopt Me,” which simulates caring for pets, and “Brookhaven,” a role-playing game where players can customize their homes and automobiles. Players can purchase and resell items that developers sell (often avatar accessories). As long as they are at least 13 years old and have at least 100,000 Robux in their account, premium subscribers may exchange the in-game currency, known as Robux, for real money. In order to make new acquaintances, players can join forums. Using the chat feature of Roblox, users may also invite others to join them in a game.

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