Lidar Sensors Cruise From Self-Driving Cars to Digital Twins and the Metaverse

Lidar applications could grow alongside the numerous digital twin use cases that are emerging in a variety of industries and settings. Lidar technology consists of a single component that reliably scans a laser signal over an area and a receiver that precisely measures the response.

Among a slew of advanced technologies promising to create tomorrow’s self-driving cars, lidar technology has gained traction. However, lidar sensors are also being used in efforts to create digital twins and metaverse use cases.

A key feature of digital twins is the ability to update models of the real world with high fidelity and frequency. Lidar technology complements stereoscopic cameras …

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3D Reconstruction Models Make Metaverse More Possible

There are numerous challenges in creating a perfect metaverse, such as physical properties of materials such as weight, fold, and so on. One of the challenges of lighting a model that represents the real-life quality of the object was recently resolved with the NeRF model.

Ben Mildenhall, a Google researcher based in London, released a snippet of their newly developed 3D reconstruction model called RawNeRF in June 2022. This new tool converts 2D images into well-lit 3D scenes. It is based on their open-source project, MultiNeRF.

Mildenhall teased a video of their most recent NeRF development, which combined their mip-NeRF 360, RawNeRF, and Ref-NeRF models. …

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How Digitalization and the Metaverse Are Revolutionizing the Retail Industry

Future retail establishments, like the one in the Mall of the Emirates, will make use of technology and data to offer insights into consumer behavior.

By 2026, it’s expected that we’ll be spending an hour a day in the virtual world, therefore the expression “see you in the metaverse!” will be very common.

Where will we be going, though? Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and even digital clothing will be among the most eagerly anticipated possibilities. Brands like Adidas, Gucci, and Vans have already established themselves.


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The Sophistication of Metaverse Avatars

Metaverse Avatars are evolving entities which are much more than just the fantasies reliever. They are the future of the web as they invite an ocean full of opportunities to the digital world.

Metaverse is in the budding stage, but it offers an enormous range of possibilities to humans and its earthly concerns. The evolution of the Metaverse will give rise to a parallel universe that will co-exist with the real world, and the avatars of humans will reside in that universe. The Metaverse will propose a limitlessly and sans boundary environment. Although …

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Low-Code ‘Metaversing’ and What it Means for the Creator Economy

The metaverse may appear to be a better place to park one's money. Regardless of the reason, we now have an ideal environment for startup innovation.

McKinsey announced a little over a year ago that COVID-19 crammed ten years of expected e-commerce growth into just 90 days (a claim I think is open for debate). While the world was focused on e-commerce, another market segment was experiencing spectacular growth: Web 3.0.

It’s fair to say that the Web 3/non-fungible token (NFT) space has seen a decade’s …

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Explaining Web3: From the Blockchain and Crypto to NFTs and the Metaverse

There was a widespread belief in the early days of the internet that this new technology would be transformative. It would transform how we communicate, work, and even play. This idealized view of the internet has largely come to fruition. But, as we’ve grown more reliant on the internet, we’ve also seen its dark side. From data breaches to election …

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Top Web 3.0 Use Cases You Should Know

The web’s expansion and continuous evolution in its infrastructure are critical to creating web technologies more accessible to users and enabling digital transformation. Originally, Web1 provided us with static websites and text-based sites to provide information to users, and Web 1.0 didn’t place any emphasis on user-based input. As a result, this web version is usually referred to as the …

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Top 10 Global Companies Building Up the Metaverse

Over the next 10 to 15 years, the Metaverse, a shared online environment that combines physical, augmented, and virtual reality, is expected to fundamentally change the way we live. Web3.0, blockchain, and virtual and augmented reality all converge in Metaverse. The global market for the metaverse will expand exponentially once people are familiar with these ideas. Currently, the world runs …

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