Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse: Fears of the Future or Present?

A system that meets all three requirements and is thus used to maximize a company's profits could use available data to advise and channel tastes and ideas, but then, by accessing global patterns and random relationships, could create what the authors refer to as 'useful idiots,' or virtual influencers, consumer lobbies that convey the desired message and influence the market.

With the rate at which artificial intelligence is integrating into our lives, there is no doubt that it will not end soon. Rather, the future appears to be a society that will only exist and thrive thanks to artificial intelligence. Experts believe that by 2030, specialized AI applications will be more common and useful, improving our economy and quality of …

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Evil Twins and Digital Elves: How the Metaverse Will Usher in New Forms of Deception and Fraud

The metaverse is likely to usher in a new era of deception and fraud, fueled by increasingly sophisticated immersive technologies and artificial intelligence. "Evil" digital twins — accurate virtual replicas that look, sound, and act like you (or people you know and trust) but are actually controlled by fraudsters — could be one type of future fraud. Another possibility is the use of digital elves, which are virtual assistants that gently steer us toward sponsored content or propaganda.

We are obsessed with technologies that blur the lines between what is real and what is made up. Indeed, the metaverse and artificial intelligence are two of the hottest fields right now, defined by their ability to deceive us.

In the metaverse, the goal of VR and AR technology is to deceive the senses by making computer-generated content appear to …

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Sound of the Metaverse: Meta Creates AI Models to Improve Virtual Audio

The Visual Acoustic-Matching model can transform an audio clip recorded anywhere with an image of a room or other space into one that sounds like it was recorded in that room. One application for this could be to ensure that everyone in a video chat experience sounds the same.

Zoom calls, metaverse meetings, and virtual events could all benefit from a series of AI models developed by Meta engineers that, according to the company, match sound to imagery, mimicking how humans experience sound in the real world.

Visual-Acoustic Matching, Visually-Informed Dereverberation, and VisualVoice are the three models developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of Texas at Austin. …

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The Future of Sound: AI Voice Cloning for the Metaverse

Science fiction writers developed the concept in the twentieth century with the goal of creating an infinite three-dimensional digital world. Today, this world will be as easy to access as the internet, according to the plans of modern tech titans.

Technologists have long sought to create a better parallel world full of possibilities. On the subject, numerous fairy tales, fantasy novels, and films have been written. Typically, the main characters enter worlds that allow them to live lives that are diametrically opposed to those they lead in the physical world.

The term “metaverse” has exploded in popularity in recent years, …

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Mapping Out the Metaverse With Machine Learning

Machine learning is an essential tool for the new world to meet the users' requirements in the most accurate way. And most of the budding projects have already started working in the right direction.

Metaverse – the high-tech world has already taken the internet by storm since the announcement of the word “Meta” by Mark Zuckerberg. The users are eagerly waiting for the big day so that they can experience the unimaginable. But so many expectations ultimately put a lot of performance pressure. The expansion of the Metaverse will be a crucial point, focusing …

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Creating Hyper-Realistic Virtual Reality Avatars With 3D Modeling

Avatars can be created with physical appearance and ideals, strengths, and weaknesses. People respond more positively to human faces, and businesses are beginning to capitalize on this by deploying AI-powered avatars.

Avatars are graphical representations of humans that are used in virtual environments in the same way that 3D characters are used in video games. However, with recent advances in VR technology, avatars may appear quite similar to real-life images. Using 3D modeling technology, it is now possible to create a realistic avatar.

How Do Lifelike Avatars Get Made?

A computer …

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Understanding Metaverse’s Potential Business Opportunities

The opportunity of the metaverse is to build an immersive and interconnected set of online third spaces where users have sovereign ownership and portability of their digital creations and possessions.

While the opportunities in the virtual worlds collectively known as the metaverse will look different in each business, the main value that organizations have begun to tap into is the ability to engage with consumers in ways that are different from other online channels. According to a June McKinsey report, the metaverse has the potential to generate up to $5 …

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With Latest US Chip Ban, China’s AI Castle Could Be Built on Nvidia Sand

ByteDance’s enterprise cloud service, Volcengine, has reduced the training time for an image-recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) model from 5 days to 3 days; Alibaba Cloud’s Sinian computing platform has surpassed a Google-held record by recognizing 1.078 million images per second in offline scenarios; and China’s largest server manufacturer Inspur’s NF5488A5 model has been hailed as a world-class product in medical …

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Using AI to Improve Delivery Applications

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) enters the picture. Logistics companies are integrating delivery management systems with AI capabilities to keep up with the soaring demand for faster deliveries while ensuring the safety of drivers and goods.

Businesses are rapidly shifting to e-commerce in today’s complex market structure to maximize sales and expand their customer base. The e-commerce industry is expected to reach USD 120 billion by 2026, according to a report by the industry body. This has resulted in increased demand, making it difficult for businesses to meet customer expectations for timely delivery. Delays in delivery …

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Collaborative Machine Learning That Preserves Privacy

To effectively train a machine-learning model to perform a task, such as image classification, thousands, millions, or even billions of example images must be shown to the model. Gathering such massive datasets can be especially difficult when privacy is a concern, as with medical images. Researchers from MIT and the MIT-born startup DynamoFL have made federated learning, a popular solution …

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