BNB Chain to Collab With Google Cloud to Bolster Web3, Blockchain Startups

The BNB Chain was formed in February 2022 by the merger of the BNB Beacon Chain and the BNB Smart Chain. The blockchain network is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible, allowing for the development of multichain ecosystems.

Binance’s BNB Chain smart contract blockchain platform has partnered with Google Cloud to support Web3 and blockchain startups. Startups currently developing products and services on the BNB Chain blockchain will be able to use Google Cloud’s scalable, secure, and open source infrastructure. Over 1,300 active BNB Chain-based decentralized applications (DApps) from the worlds of decentralized finance (DeFi), Metaverse, blockchain games, …

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TechPay Coin and Factors Contributing to Its Growth

TechPay Coin is a Layer 1 Blockchain that can perform hundreds of thousands of operations per second without sacrificing any element or functionality that is already available in blockchains. TechPay Chain is the world’s first blockchain system, built on a novel version of Direct Acyclic Graphs (DAG) and pBFT for scalability and security.

The Project boasts a massively efficient bespoke …

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NEAR Blockchain Completes Phase One of Sharding Upgrade

Near, a Layer 1 protocol, has begun a critical phase of its “sharding” upgrade, which aims to increase the blockchain’s processing speed, and has reduced the price for stakeholders who want to influence how the network operates.

Near, which launched in 2019 with unrealized plans to boost transaction speeds by splitting its network into parallel processors (sharding), has begun Phase …

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Ethereum Blockchain Set for ‘Monumental’ Overhaul

This week, an army of computer programmers from around the world will attempt one of the largest software upgrades the crypto sector has ever seen in order to reduce its environmentally unfriendly energy consumption. Developers have been working for years on a more energy-efficient version of the Ethereum blockchain, a digital ledger that powers a multibillion-dollar ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, digital …

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Aleo Testnet 3, the First Layer-1 for Decentralized Private Applications, Is Being Launched

Aleo, the first Layer-1 (L1) platform for decentralized private applications, has announced the release of Aleo Testnet 3. For the first time, developers can create and run fully private applications on the Aleo Virtual Machine (AVM) and host them on the Aleo blockchain, a permissionless network of zero-knowledge validators.

The Aleo team is allocating twenty-five (25) million credits today to …

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Blockchain Trends that Will Shape the Next Decade

Blockchain technology, which was developed in the 1990s, found modest adoption in its early years. However, interest in blockchain has recently increased, owing to the growing use of cryptocurrencies and the fast digitization caused by the epidemic. According to Fortune Business Insights, the worldwide blockchain market will increase from $7.18 billion in 2022 to $163.83 billion by 2029, while important …

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Metaverse, NFT, and DeFi – The Future of the Blockchain World

The goal of Facebook’s rebranding as Meta was to carve out a niche in the crypto realm. While in the virtual world, Metaverse, together with DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and NFT (non-fungible tokens), have a real-world application case. The accessibility contributes to the virtual environment’s link to real-world issues and exchanges. With Metaverse, trading in digital art and FinTech goods became …

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Blockchain’s Place in the Decentralized Economy and the Metaverse

A turning point for blockchain and cryptocurrencies occurred in 2021. From joke coins to bull runs and NFTs, the industry has continually generated news. The metaverse is a new trend that has evolved in the second part of the year. The metaverse’s goal of fusing our real-world social life, jobs, and immersive technology has captured the public’s imagination. Despite being …

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